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Samuel Michael SEYMOUR - Looking for your living relatives

YAY  this has been returned to Samuel Michael SEYMOUR's family.  I am very happy that his family contacted me and I was able to return this family treasure to them.  January 2016.

I love garage sales!  During one adventure I found a “USAF Flight Crew Check Lists” book of Samuel Michael SEYMOUR.  The information I found for him this afternoon is below.  I would like to return this booklet to his family.  I did not list his wife or children’s names below as they are still living.  I am hoping perhaps one day one of his family will do a Google search an find this blog and contact me.  My email address is:  I am hoping this Blogging will do the job!

Inside the book is Samuel's Social Security Card, Commercial Pilot License, United States Coast Guard card, United States Coast Guard Certificate of Discharge, License to carry a concealed weapon and a few other papers.

Samuel Michael SEYMOUR-113

Individual Facts
4 Nov 1920
Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland12
13 Feb 1957 (age 36)
Petition for Naturalization, Washington, United States1
29 Jun 1999 (age 78)
Grayland, Grays Harbor, Washington, United States2

14671 - 22nd Avenue S. W., Seattle, King, Washington, United States

3500 NE 41st Street, Seattle, King, Washington, United States zip code 98105
29 Jun 1999 (age 78)
Grayland, Grays Harbor, Washington, United States2
aft 29 Jun 1999
Fern Hill Cemetery, Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, Washington, United States3


Notes: Samuel Michael SEYMOUR-1
Naturalization (13 February 1957): Name: Samuel Michael Seymour
Birth Date: 4 Nov 1920
Birth Place: Belfast, Antrim, No Ireland
Gender: Male
Court State: Washington
Court District: Seattle
Naturalization Date: 13 Feb 1957
Naturalization Record Type: Petition for Naturalization
Petition Number: 50278
Residence Place: Seattle, Washington
transcribed by PKHurd:
Indexed #:  50278;  United States of America; Petition for Naturalization
To the Honorable the United States District Court of Western Dist. of Wash. at Seattle, Washington
This petition for naturalization, hereby made and filed, respectfully shows:
(1)  My full, true, and correct name is  Samuel Michael Seymour  Washington
(2)  My present place of residence is  14671-22nd Ave. S.W. Seattle, King,
(3)  My occupation is  Flt. Navigator
(4)  I was born on  November 4, 1920, in Belfast, Atrim, No. Ireland
(5)  My personal description is as follows:  Sex  male, complexion  light, color of eyes  grey, color of hair  brown, height  5 feet  7 inches, weight 167 pounds, visible distinctive mark, None; Country of which I am a citizen, subject, or national  Great Britain
(6)  I am married; the name of my wife is Name removed, as she is still living, we were married on January 28, 1952, at Vancouver, B.C., Canada;  she was born at Bristol, Bristol, England, on May 31, 1920 and entered the United States at Baine, Washington on October 31, 1952 for permanent residence in the United States and now resides at Seattle, Washington and was naturalized on                         at                                certificate No.                          ; or became a citizen by                                        
(7a)  (If petition is filed under section 319 (a), Immigration and Nationality Act.) I have resided in the United States in marital union with my United States citizen spouse for at least 3 years immediately preceding the date of filing this petition for naturalization, and have been physically present in the United States at least half of that time.
(7b)  (If petition is filed under section 319 (b), Immigration and Nationality Act.)  My husband or wife is a citizen of the United States, is in the employment of the Government of the United States, or of an American institution of research recognized as such by the Attorney General of the United States, or an American firm or corporation engaged in whole or in part in the development of foreign trade and commerce of the United States, or subsidiary thereof or of a public international organization in which the United States participates; and such husband or wife is regularly stationed abroad in such employment.  I intend in good faith upon naturalization to live abroad with my spouse and to resume my residence within the United States immediately upon termination of such employment abroad, naturalization to live abroad with my spouse and to resume my residence within the United States immediately upon termination of such employment aboard.
(8)  I have five children; and the name, sex, date and place of residence of each of said children who is living, are as follows:  note:  I have removed the names of the children as they are still living.
       female; Sidcup, Kent, England, November 29, 1944; Sidcup, England
       female Vancouver, B.C., Canada, October 30, 1950; Seattle, Washington
       female; Vancouver, B.C., Canada, May 14, 1952; Seattle, Washington
       female; Renton, Washington, October 7, 1954; Seattle, Washington
       male; Renton, Washington, March 8, 1956; Seattle Washington(9)  My lawful admission for permanent residence in the United States was at Blaine, Washington under the name of Samuel Seymour on December 5, 1951 on the Great Northern Rly.
(10)  Since my lawful admission for permanent residence I have not been absent from the United States, for a period or periods of 6 months or longer, except as follows:  [None]
(11)  It is my intention in good faith to become a citizen of the United States and to renounce absolutely and entirely all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which at this time I am a subject or citizen.
(12)  It is my intention to reside permanently in the United States. 
(13)  I am not and have not been for a period of at least 10 years immediately preceding the date of this petition a member of or affiliated with any organization proscribed by the Immigration and Nationality Act or any section, subsidiary, branch affiliate or subdivision there of nor have I during such period engaged in or performed any of the acts or activities prohibited by that Act.
(14)  I am able to read, write and speaks the English language (unless exempted therefrom).
(15)  I am and have, been during all the periods required by law, a person of good moral character attached to the principles of the Constitution of the United States and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the united States.  I am willing, if required by law, to bear arms on behalf of the United States, to perform noncombatant services in the Armed Forces of the United States, and to perform work of national importance under civilian direction (unless exempted therefrom).
(16)  I have resided continuously in the United States since December 5, 1951 and continuously in the State in which this petition is made for the term of 6 months at least immediately preceding the date of this petition and I have been physically present in the United States for at least one-half of the five- year period immediately preceding the date of this petition.
(17)  I have not heretofore made petition for naturalization No.                     on                                      at                              in                                            the Court, and such petition was denied by that Court for the following reasons and causes, to wit:                                                                     .
(18)  Attached hereto and made a part of this, my petition for naturalization, are the affidavits of at least two verifying witness required by law.
(19)  Wherefore I, your petitioner for naturalization, pray that I may be admitted a citizen of the United States of America, and that my name be changed   No change         .  I, aforesaid petition, do swear (affirm) that I know the contents of this petition for naturalization subscribed by me, and that the same are true to the best of my knowledge and belief, and that this petition is signed by me with my full, true name:  SO HELP ME GOD.

ALIEN REGISTRATION NO.  A8 189 835  [signature:  Samuel Michael Seymour

page 2
     The following witnesses, each being severally, duly, and respectively sworn, depose and say:
(1)  My name is Wesley L. Clark, my occupation is Navigator.  I reside at Box 340, Star Route Tacoma, Washington and
(2)  My name is Gerald Valeske, my occupation is Navigator.  I reside at 17058 Sylvester Road Seattle, Washington.
     I am a citizen of the United States of America; I have personally known and have been acquainted in the United States with the petitioner named in the petition of naturalization of which this affidavit is a part, since at least February 1, 1952; to my personal knowledge the petitioner has resided, immediately preceding the date of filing this petition, in the United States continuously since the date last mentioned; that the petitioner has been physically present in the United States at least 30 months of that period; and that the petitioner has been a resident in the State of which the petition is filed during at least the last 6 months.   I have personal knowledge that the petitioner is, and during all such periods has been a person of good moral character attached to the principles of the Constitution of the United States, and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the United States, an in my opinion the petitioner is in every way qualified to be admitted a citizen of the United States.
     I do swear (affirm) that the statements of fact I have made in the affidavit to this petition for naturalization subscribed by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief:  SO HELP ME GOD.
[signature] Wesley L. Clark             [signature] Gerald A. Valeske
     Subscribed and sworn (affirm) before me by above named petitioner and witnesses in the respective forms of oath shown in said petition and affidavit at Seattle, Washington this 13th day of February  A. D. 1957
     [signature of ] Designated Examiner
      I HEREBY CERTIFY That the foregoing petition for naturalization was by petitioner named herein filed in the office of the clerk of said court at Seattle, Washington this 13th day of February, A. D. 1957.
Millard P. Thomas, Clerk.
[signature of ] Deputy Clerk.

SSDI (29 June 1999): Record Series: Death Records
Collection: Social Security Death Index - Washington
County: Statewide
Last Residence Zipcode: 98547
Birth Date: 11/04/1920
Death Location: GRAYLAND, WA
Verification Code: V
Death Date: 06/29/1999

Burial (after 29 June 1999): Record Series: Cemetery Records
Collection: Fern Hill Cemetery (Grays Harbor County)
County: Grays Harbor
County: Grays Harbor
Cemetery: Fern Hill Cemetery
Reference: hrp-cem-grh-fern-hill_020143
Name: Samuel M. Seymour
Burial Or Cremation Year: 1999
Funeral Home: Stoller's
Lot & Block: E/1/Sunrise Chapel Niche
Burial Or Cremation: Burial

I also found marriage certificates for 3 of his daughters.

      1. Samuel Michael SEYMOUR, Petition for Naturalization, from;, United States District Court of Western District of Washington at Seattle, Washington; The National Archives at Seattle; Seattle, Washington; RG 21 United States District Courts; Volume: Petitions for Naturalization; The National Archives at Seattle, Seattle, Washington, .
      2. Social Security Administration, "U.S. Social Security Death Index," database, Washington State Archives, (  accessed 31 January 2013), Samuel M. SEYMOUR, private, death date 29 June 1999.
      3. Washington State Digital Archives, Office of Secretary of State, "Fern Hill Cemetery Index," database,  (  accessed 31 January 2013), Samuel M. SEYMOUR burial.

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My First Find from the 1940 US Federal Census

          Along with everyone else, I anxiously awaited for the 1940 Census to be made available to us all!  I was even up at 5:30 am (PST) to catch the opening ceremonies, and I really do NOT do mornings!  Of course I could not access the NARA copies and I really did not expect to, I knew everyone would be trying, but I continued to try anyway. 

          For some silly reason I thought that the indexing would be made available right away.  Since I have been out of touch with the genealogy community for the last two months, I was not current as to the sequence of events. 

          I am not sure of the exact time, but in the afternoon of 2 April 2012, Ancestry had a State that I was interested in, Pennsylvania, but not Jefferson County.  About an hour later I checked again and discovered that YAY, Jefferson County was now available.  That was fast!  I checked and Brookville was available.  I was very excited as many McManigle cousins live in Brookville and I was sure I could find a few cousins.  On Sheet 4A there one cousin appeared, lines 11 through 13!

1940 U.S. census, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, population schedule, Brookville Borough, enumeration district (ED) 33-10; S.D. No. 27, sheet 4A, p. ancestry 7 of 38, dwelling 4, Floyd L. McManigle Household; digital images, Ancestry ( : accessed 2 Apr 2012); citing National Archives and Records Administration microfilm T627, roll 4,643; lines 11-13; 7 East Main Street
lines 11-13; 7 East Main Street
11 McMANIGLE, Floyd Head $12.00 Rental male white 23 years old married completed one year High School born in Pennsylvania Lived at the same place in 1935 not living on a farm At work for the week of March 24-30 for pay or profit in private or nonemergency Govt. work for week of March 1939 24-30 worked 54 hours Truck Driver for Grocery Park Market Previous Work 40 Weeks worked in 1939 $480.00 money received Did not receive more than $50.00 income from sources other than wages or salary
12 Marion B. Wife female white 25 years old married completed 4 years High School born in Pennsylvania Lived at the same place in 1935 not living on a farm Engaged in Housework No wages or salary
13 Denny Son male white 6 years sold single attending School born in Pennsylvania Lived at the same place in 1935 not living on a farm

          Floyd L. McManigle is my second cousin, three times removed . . . I was so very excited!!  My first family member from the 1940 US Federal Census!!  It took me awhile to figure out how I wanted to structure my notes, so much information to record.  I am sure I will be changing the above in the months to come as I become more familiar with the Census.  And of course what a better way to become more familiar than Indexing!

          When the census became available for indexing on Family Search, I immediately dived right in.  I love indexing Census records.  When I first started my research, of course I started with Census records.  So much family information is available on Census records.  I was hoping to divide my time indexing between Family Search and Ancestry, but Ancestry does not have the 1940 Census available for indexing at this time.  So I guess Family Search is where I will be spending my time.

          I believe that indexing the 1940 US Federal Census should be the priority.  As much as I would love to head over to the Washington State and Minnesota State records for my direct line ancestors, I hope I can wait! ~laughs~  The sooner the indexing is completed the more we all can enjoy the 1940 US Census!!

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Obituary Clarissa Maria (Wells) Ivory (1811-1885)

            Transcribed from Norwalk Daily Reflector, dated 14 April 1885; page 1 column 3

            Mrs. Clarissa Maria Ivory, wife of Mr. Erastus Ivory, residence Milan street, died quite suddenly this morning, at 7:30, after a week or ten days’ illness, of pneumonia.  Mrs. Ivory was one of the oldest residents of the place, having moved here from Birmingham, Erie county in 1841.  Had she lived until next September se would have been 73 years of age.  Although she had been seriously ill for several days, yet her death was quite sudden and unexpected, as it was thought her symptoms were somewhat more favorable last evening and early this morning.  The funeral will be held Friday afternoon, at 2 o’clock, from the late residence of the deceased.  Friends of the deceased cordially invited to be present.

Note:  From Find A Grave, I located a Headstone that was added by cousin, Bonita Hilmer.  With the information Bonita provided located Erastus Ivory’s parents!  Electra "Lexie" (Page) Ivory and Jabez Z, Ivory.  "Lexie's" father is Daniel Page.  I can see more research ahead!!!  Thank you so much Bonita!!  

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Marriage Licenses issued April 1872 - Sandusky Register (Ohio)

            Transcribed from Sandusky (Weekly) Register, dated 8 May 1872; page 3; column 4

            MATRIMONIAL – The following is the list of marriage licenses, issued during the past month in the Probate Court:

Alphens Driver and Margaret Roy
Louis Eichenlanb and Frederica Dolch
Henry A. Marshall and Mary McGregor
George W. Wells and Elizabeth Measky
Moses S. Conklin and Mary Hough
David A. Wilkinson and Almira Lameroux
William Thomas and Caroline M. Billings
David Marsh and Mary Schneider
George Broley and Mary Broley
John Singleton and Mary Clark
Wm. N. Moore and Sophia M. Squier
Lawrence Carstensen and Christina Peterson
James Russ and Martha Steinmann
John G. Maier and Augusta Aprenze
Nicholas Zurlinder and Catherine Hosch
Jacob Nieding and Catherine Stevens
Stephen P. Taylor and Julia A. Page
George Herman and Mary Clausius
Christian Stumpf and Christina Seherer
George H. Peck and Jane M. Wells
John Hayne and Mary Driscoll
S. Manville White and Jennie V. Pond
Simon Hartman and Justina Barter
Barley Lavin and Mary Dailey
Phillip Quick and Fanny Creeler
Wm. Cardotzki and Frederica Bastubbe

Note:  want to check out Caroline Billings, as a Billings family moved to Niles Township, Floyd County, Iowa in the early 1870’s and David and Jane (Wells) McManigle followed in about 1877.  Also check Jane M. Wells marriage license with George H. Peck.

Obituary William Washington Wells (1830-1903)

            Transcribed from Norwalk Daily Reflector, dated 2 February 1903; page 7 column 4


Sergeant William W. Wells Join’s the Army of Immortals

            William W. Wells, for many years a well known resident of Norwalk, has answered his last earthly roll call and joined the army of the immortals.  Sunday afternoon, at 3:30 o’clock, he passed onward to join the vast army of the patriotic dead.

            Mr. Wells, whose death took place at 16 Marshall street, had been sick but two weeks, his death resulting from pneumonia.  Although since the civil war, not in the best of health, previous to that he was a strong, vigorous and robust man, a machinist by trade, and was employed in the old Perkins sewing machine shop and afterwards, for a number of years, in the Wheeling & Lake Erie shops.

            He was a soldier in the civil war, a man of bravery and courage, and he served his country well and true, as a sergeant in Company D, Eighth O. V. I., for three years.

            He was born in Windsor, Vt., seventy-two years ago. He was a resident of Norwalk for over fifty years and was always a steady, honest, industrious man who had many friends.  His wife died October 13, 1900, and he has six children left to mourn the loss of a good and kind father.  The following are the names of his sons and daughters who survive him:  William and George, of Cleveland; Albert, of Norwalk; H. A., of Toledo; Mrs. T. H. Evens, of New York, and Mrs. L. B. Gebhart, of this city.

Note:  1850 Census states born in New York; 1870 Census states born in Ohio; 1880 Census states born in Ohio and parents born in Vermont; 1900 Census states born in Ohio and parents born in Ohio;  Death Register for Ohio states he was born in Birmingham, Ohio in 1831; Obituary states he was born in Windsor, Vermont:  This will need more research.  Still need to locate marriage records for the daughters.

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William and Eva (Babcock) Wells - Obituaries

            Transcribed from Norwalk Reflector Herald dated 3 February 1913; page 1 column 2


William Wells Passes Away After An Illness of Seven Weeks

            William Wells, a native resident of Norwalk, died at his home, No. 97 Foster avenue, Sunday morning at 9:10 o’clock.  He had been in poor health from stomach trouble for some time.
            The deceased was born in Norwalk September 6, 1850, and lived in this city all his life with the exception of a few years he spent in Cleveland.  At the age of 15 years he learned the machinist trade in the old Domestic sewing machine factory.  He was a member of the famous Rescue hook and ladder truck that won the world’s championship in Chicago in the 70’s.

            Mr. Wells is survived by a wife and five sons, as follows:  Arthur G. of Cleveland; Justice E., of Akron, and George W., Edwin C. and Paul. H. Wells, of this city.  The following brothers and sisters also survive:  George W. Wells, of Cleveland; Harry A. Wells, of Toledo; Mrs. Everett Gebhardt, of Burlington, Ia., and Mrs. Eloise Evans, of New York city.

            Funeral services will be held from the home Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock.  Interment will be in Woodlawn cemetery.

            Transcribed from Norwalk Reflector Herald dated 22 December 1913; page 1 column 1


Valvular Heart Trouble Given as Cause of Sudden Death.

            Mrs. Eva Wells, widow of William E. Wells, who died the fore part of the present year, dropped dead upon Whittlesey avenue, near Main stret [sic], Saturday evening, about 9 o’clock.  Death was due to valvuler heart trouble, from which she had suffered for some time.

            Mrs. Wells left her home early in the evening and went to the Apostolic Bible school, - on Whittlesey avenue, near the L. S. & M. S. passenger depot, of which she was a regular attendant.  While there she had a bad spell, but thought she had recovered sufficient to go to the business portion of the city and do a little shopping.

            She had nearly reached Main street when she was stricken again and fell to the sidewalk.  A farmer was untying his horse from the hitching rail along side of the aber block when Mrs. Wells fell to the sidewalk.  He rushed to her assistance, and, discovering her condition to be critical, with assistance, placed her in his buggy and hurried to the office of Dr. Gill, only a short distance away.  By the time the doctor had been summoned Mrs. Wells was dead.

            The body was not taken from the buggy and she was taken to her home, No. 21 Rule Street and Hay & Sons, undertakers were called to prepare the body for burial.

            Mrs. Wells is survived by five sons, as follows:  A. D. Wells, of Cleveland; J. E. Wells, of this city; G. W. Wells, of Grafton; Edwin C. Wells, and Paul H. Wells, of this city.  One sister, Mrs. William Cherry of this city, and one brother Mr. Babcock, of Cleveland, as well as four grandchildren, survive.

            Funeral services will be held Tuesday afternoon from the home on Rule street and will be conducted by Mrs. Wurmser, of the Bible School, and Maple Leaf Grove, Woodmen’s Circle.  Interment will in Woodlawn cemetery.

            I do not have a great deal of information for William and Eva Wells’ family, yet!  

Descendants of William Eugene WELLS and Eva Luella Babcock WELLS

1-William Eugene WELLS [1719]
  born: 6 Jun 1850, Ohio, United States
  died: 2 Feb 1913, Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio, United States
  buried: 4 Feb 1913, Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio, United States
 +Eva Luella BABCOCK [1720]
  born: Cal 1859, Connecticut, United States
  marr: 10 Apr 1880, , Huron County, Ohio, United States
  died: 20 Dec 1913, Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio, United States
  buried: 23 Dec 1913, Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio, United States
  parents: William BABCOCK [26653] and Mary E. HOTCHKISS [26654]
|---2-Arthur Garfield WELLS [26628]
|     born: 4 Aug 1880, Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio, United States
|    +Vera Irene COOK [26648]
|     born: 1886, Phornbury, , Ontario, Canada
|     marr: 23 Feb 1909, , Huron County, Ohio, United States
|     parents: Ralph COOK [26649] and Hannah BILTON [26650]
|---2-George W. WELLS [26636]
|     born: 6 Sep 1884, Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio, United States
|     died: 5 Oct 1948, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, United States
|    +Sarah [26642]
|     parents:
|---2-Curran WELLS [26629]
|     born: 12 Aug 1887, Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio, United States
|---2-Edwin Close WELLS [26621]
|     born: 17 Jul 1889, Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio, United States
|     died: 28 Sep 1948, Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio, United States
|     buried: 1 Oct 1948, Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio, United States
|    +Pearl ZIMMERMAN [26630]
|     born: 1896, Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio, United States
|     marr: 16 Jun 1913, Erie, Jackson County, Ohio, United States
|     parents: Bert ZIMMERMAN [26634] and Catherine STUCKEY [26635]
|---2-Paul Hotchkiss WELLS [26622]
|     born: 15 Jul 1898, Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio, United States
|---2-Justice E. WELLS [29214]

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Obituary Persis (Earle) Wells

            Transcribed from the Norwalk Weekly Reflector, dated 12 February 1867, page 3 column 4.

            Mrs. PERSIS WELLS departed this life Sunday, Dec. 30, 1866.  She was born Oct. 18, 1792, in the State of Vermont, and at the time of her decease was 74 years of age.  After a life of severe trial and many afflictions, she has gone at last to ‘the land of rest, the saints delight.”  With the exception of a few weeks at a time Mrs. WELLS spent the last nine years of her life in Sundusky, Ohio.  She was eminently a child of Providence and God took care of his elect.  Her little rooms were a perpetual Bethel, and she was foth to leave them when Providence seemed to require it.  She left a few weeks since to make her clesing [??] earthly sojourn with her daughter, Mrs. Richard Jeffrey, in Norwalk, Ohio.  Here she remained but few weeks, and at length quietly, on a Sabbath morning, just as she had often desired, she resigned her soul to God, and closed her eyes on earth.

            Sister WELLS was an earnest, sincere Christian; she was not content with form.  She desired her religion should tell for her eternal welfare.  She longed for more and more perfect acquaintance with God.  She was simple and childlike in her relations to the Heavenly Father.   She appreciated church privileges as only the faithful child of God does.  Her soul longed for the conris [??] of the Lord’s House “When shall I appear before God?” was the habitual language of her heart.  Infirmities kept her much from public worship.  How delighted she always was to see her pastor, and to hear him read and expound the Scripture in her quiet little tabernacle!  Once a violent thunder storm passed, and the nerve of her eyes was paralyzed; she became blind, and never afterward fully recovered her sight.  When the pastor called next day, he was saluted with these words:  “Oh! I’m blind!  What shall I do now? – What will the Lord do with me?”  We sat down and read the twenty-third Psalm – “The Lord is my Shepard; I shall not want; He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; He Leadeth me beside the still waters; He restoreth my soul.  Yea, though I walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”  As we rose from our knees, sister W., with tearful eyes, said:  “I know that the Lord will take care of me; He has never forsaken me; He will never forget me; I’ve all I want – all the friends I desire – everything, everything.”  Said I, “Sister W., won’t you be glad when you open your eyes on the sunny plains of the heavenly land, and behold “the King in his beauty?” –“Won’t I! won’t I!” – she said, and her soul was at ease. -- She loved to sing:
Who would live away? Away from his God –
Away from your heaven, that blissful abode,
Where rivers of pleasure flow bright o’er the plains
And the noontide of glory eternally reigns.”

            Her funeral sermon was preached from the text – Ps 116?15, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.”

            As stated in the last post, James Wells Obituary, Persis aged 56 was living with daughter, Clarissa and husband Erastus Ivory and son William Whitney in Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio, born in Vermont, no occupation stated.  Persis aged 67, is living alone in the 1860 Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio US Census; She is working in a Tailor Shop and has Personal Estate valued at $10.00, born in Vermont. 

            I have a bit more information on Persis’ family.  Her parents were, John Earle b. 14 May 1771, Chester, Vermont d. 8 Mar 1845, Edwards, Saint Lawrence County, New York, United States.  He married, abt 1790, Abigail Chase b, 18 Oct 1776, Guilford, Vermont.  Persis’ family goes back to Raulphe (1580-1657) and Margaret (Browne) (1581-1647) Earle.  John and Abigail had three children:
1.     Persis Earle
2.   Arvin Earle b. 14 Aug 1794 in Vermont d. 5 Nov 1885; married 22 Jan 1818, Myra Pierce who died 1879.  They had a daughter, Hannah P. Earle who died 1887.
3.   Clarissa Earle . 23 Sep 1797 Chester, Windsor County, Vermont d. 26 Dec 1853 Chester, Windsor County, Vermont; married 24 Apr 1815, Ira Church, b. 14 Feb 1795 d. 18 Feb 1877 who was the son of Joshua Church.  Ira and Clarissa had 15 children:
·       Clarissa E. Church b. 22 Aug 1815 (twin of Abigail) d. 1 Apr 1836. She never married nor had children.
·       Abigail Church b. 22 Aug 1815 (twin of Clarissa) married Kendall Johnson
·       Ira Church b. 28 Nov 1817 d. 15 Oct 1849
·       Henry Church b. 16 Dec 1819 d. 19 Jun 1875
·       Foster Church b. 24 Dec 1821 married Henrietta Tarbell
·       Harriet Church b. 15 Nov 1823 married George Holden
·       Martin Church b. 13 Aug 1825 married 1848 to Lydia Maria Paddleford b. 4 Aug 1830 d. 8 Aug 1861. Lydia was the daughter of Philip Paddleford.
·       Daniel Church b. 20 Feb 1827 d. 4 Nov 1849
·       Fanny Church b. 29 Jun 1829 married Florance Robbins
·       Amelia Church b. 14 Jul 1831 married Richard Killingbeck
·       William Church b. 19 Apr 1833 married Rebecca [maiden name unknown]
·       Warner Church b. 6 Jan 1835 married, 6 Feb 1868 to Hannah Ingrahm b. 16 Oct 1839; she was the daughter of Hubbard and Betsey (Church) Ingraham.
·       Francis Church b. 7 Mar 1837 married 2 Dec 1861 Ellen L. Gilson b. 19 Jun 1841, daughter of Edwin and Eleanor (Barney) Gilson
·       Mary Church b. 28 Dec 1838
·       Susan Church b. 12 Oct 1840 married William Anthony

            After the death of his first wife, Abigail Chase, John married Mary Avril, b. 22 Oct 1779 d. 6 Aug 1837.  John and Mary Earle had 10 children.

            The above is also from, The Earle Family, Compiled by Pliny Earle of Northampton, Massachusetts, The Earle Family, Ralph Earle and his Descendants (Printed for the Family; Worcester, Mass.:  Press of Charles Hamilton 1888), Seventh Generation. This is PDF file of the original book.  This book is also located on Ancestry Online ( the following is a biography of John Earle.

"When nine years old he received injuries to his hip by falling across a log, causing a lameness that lasted him through life.  He was appointed sexton in 1835, and served in that capacity over forty-three years, during which time he interred 1,124 persons and attended all funerals requiring the use of the hearse.  His business was that of a stone-layer, and in his workmanship he was excelled by no person about here, and his strength of endurance at times was wonderful.  At the marriage of Mr. Earle thirty persons were present and chairs being scarce rough boards were substituted.  After the ceremony was performed refreshments were served and the genuine old-fashioned New England 'toddy' was made in a large white mug and passed around in a quart tumbler from which all took a generous, but temperate sip.  Rev. Aaron Leland officiated at the wedding, and as a fee received two dollars, one of which he presented to the bride.  The sixtieth anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Earle's marriage was commemorated January 23, 1878, and in the following spring, occurred the death of Mrs. Earle.
Mr. Earle was a member of the Congregational Church over fifty-seven years, joining at the same time with his wife, in 1828, and together they signed the first temperance pledge ever offered in town, which they lived up to all their lives."
He died suddenly, when in apparently good health, not having "lost a meal, or a night's sleep in over seven years."

          John Earle’s parents were Esak Earle b. 10 Feb 1740/41 Leicester, Worcester County, Massachusetts d. 24 Oct 1823 Champion, Jefferson County, New York.  He married, 4 Sep 1762 Rutland, Worcester County, Massachusetts, Mehitable Snow b. 1738 Massachusetts d. 1810 Champion, Jefferson County, New York. She was the daughter of John Snow, 30 Mar 1706 Marlborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts d. 12 May 1777 Chesterfield, Cheshire County, New Hampshire married 25 Mar 1729 Marlboro, Middlesex County, Massachusetts to Abigail Brigham b. 1708 d. 1790.

“At the time of his marriage, they lived in Rutland, Massachusetts, afterward, Leicester; then in 1764-1765, they moved to Chester, Vermont and subsequently, but before 1777, to Chesterfield, Vermont.  About 1804 to Champion, Jefferson County, New York, where he died.

He was one of the pioneers in the settlement of the country, and as a writer says of him, "loved hunting and trapping, and made traps with which he caught a great number of wolves, bears and panthers."